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At Ecooi we’re all about building eco friendly homes where you’ll feel comfortable living.

Ecooi Display Home

Why Ecooi?

You care about your family and you care about the environment you live in.

Ecooi is the builder to build you a great new home that thoughtfully considers your family’s lifestyle and the environment in which you want to live.

Ecooi was created with the need to bring better, more comfortable, eco friendly, sustainable homes to everyone.

Every Ecooi home is carefully designed to ensure it suits your lifestyle, your environment and your budget.

We are focused on our goal to design and build cost effective eco friendly, sustainable homes so everyone can enjoy a comfortable future.

Make yourself comfortable.

Ecooi are specialists in the designing and building your new energy efficient, eco friendly, environmentally sustainable home.

We believe that all new homes should be thoughtfully designed to suit their environment. A well designed and built Ecooi home will be the start of your healthy new lifestyle in a more energy efficient comfortable home.

Ecooi is built on a foundation of building quality energy efficient, eco friendly, environmentally sustainable homes since 2000. We are accredited by the Master Builders Association as a Green Living Builder and constantly strive to incorporate the latest innovations in sustainable home design and construction.

Whether it be starting with one of our pre-designed homes or a custom designed home, we have a simple design and build process which ensures building a new eco friendly home will be easy from start to finish. Our team of designers and builders will listen to what you want and create a unique design and build solution for you. Ecooi is committed to building you the very best eco friendly home to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Make yourself comfortable and build your new eco friendly home with Ecooi.